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Gregorian Choir Cantica contact:



For information on the choir and its activities or to request or schedule performances or to make or follow up agreements, please use this email address: info{AT} (English and Dutch)



The expenses for Cantica in a liturgical service vary from 175 € to 200 € depending on the nature and the time (e.g. Mass, Funeral, Prayer Service, Vespers).

For activities of the choir Cantica that take place outside the deanery of Diksmuide there are moving expenses as well, amounting to max. 2 € per kilometer.

Please use the contact data alongside for more information or to arrange agreements.


Composition of the Board

Chairman: Mr. Koen Kesteloot, Ph. D.

Choirmaster: Mrs. Rita Vandenbussche

Members of the Board:

  • Mr. Koen Kesteloot, Ph. D., chairman
  • Ms. Annie Vercaigne, secretary
  • Mr. Filip Herrebout, programmer

Chairman Choirmaster
Mr. Koen Kesteloot, chairman (at the left) and
Mr. Johan Tyberghien, former choirmaster (at the right)

Contact Information:

email: info{AT}
  (English and Dutch)

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