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Nederlands Latine

Saturday November 6, 2021: Mass for the Dead

At Houthulst, old people's home Cassiers at 5PM

Ordinary: Kyriale XVIII in feriis Adventus et Quadragesimae et ad Missam pro defunctis

Introit: Requiem aeternam

Kyrie: Kyrie XVIII B ad Missam pro defunctis

Hymn: Resp. Subvenite sancti Dei

After Gospel: Verbum Domini

General Intercessions: Dominum deprecemur

Hymn at Offertory: Victimae paschali laudes

Hymn at Offertory: Attende, Domine

Sanctus: Sanctus XVIII

After consecration: Mysterium fidei

Lord's Prayer: Pater Noster A

Agnus Dei: Agnus Dei XVIII

Communion: Resp. Libera me

Communion: Pie Iesu

Communion: Jesus remember me

Also consult this programme in Adobe PDF format (6 KB).

Appearances 2021

Monday November 1, 2021
Solemnity of All Saints

Saturday November 6, 2021
Mass for the Dead

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