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Nederlands Latine

Sunday May 8, 2016: Seventh Sunday of Easter

At Jonkershove, Saint Joseph Church at 10:30AM

Ordinary: Kyriale I (Lux et origo) tempore paschali

Introit: Salve, sancta Parens

Kyrie: Kyrie I (Lux et origo)

Gloria: Gloria I

Alleluia: Alleluia + V. Specie tua

After Gospel: Verbum Domini

General Intercessions: Dominum deprecemur

Hymn at Offertory: Salve Regina

Offertory: Ave Maria... et benedictus

Sanctus: Sanctus I

After consecration: Mysterium fidei

Lord's Prayer: Pater Noster A

Agnus Dei: Agnus Dei I

Communio: Ant. Nativitas tua

Mother's Day. Also read the comment about Salve sancta Parens

Also consult this programme in Adobe PDF format (6 KB).

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Mass for the Dead

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Fourth Sunday of Advent (Rorate Sunday)

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