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Welcome at the Gregorian Choir Cantica of the Federation Houthulst-Lo-Reninge (Flanders, Belgium). The choir has thirty-six members, men and women and adds lustre to about fifteen celebrations on a yearly base.

Houthulst and Lo-Reninge are located in the triangle Ieper (Ypres)-Roeselare-Diksmuide and belong to the diocese of Brugge (Bruges). It is in the nine parishes of the Federation Houthulst-Lo-Reninge that Cantica sings at Mass, but beyond these places we sing in Diksmuide, Nieuwpoort and Brugge (Saint Saviour Cathedral, Holy Blood Basilica) too. Sometimes the choir can be heard at funeral services or during the Vespers as well.

This is the schedule of Cantica for the near future:
  (See also the full schedule)

Sunday February 6, 2022 at 10:30AM
Feast of the Presentation of the Lord
Location: Jonkershove, Saint Joseph Church

Ordinary: N/N


Mrs. Rita Vandenbussche is the choirmaster. Her interest for Gregorian music and his unceasing commitment make Cantica put up beautiful performances under her guidance, and allow it always to make progress.

Founded in 1999, the Gregorian Choir Cantica consists of people who come together during spare time to learn to know and to study Gregorian chant. Every Monday evening they are faithfully present to practice together.

Foto Cantica

Gregorian chant and Liturgy

 “Ego, Conradus Kesteloot, saluto vos, lectores et hospites carissimi, praeses Canticae, novo situ interretiali Cantica, choro gregoriano foederationis Houthulst, genito anno domini MIM, pulchritudine...”   Lege cetera - Continue reading Translatio - Translation

Dr. Koen Kesteloot, praeses Canticae

 “Gregorian music is a universal chant, unique of its kind, that we all want to foster because of its historical significance. It is a musical style that provides a refuge from the strong influence of metrical rhythms of contemporary music. The latter is...”   Continue reading

Mr. Johan Tyberghien, former choirmaster

 “Moments of Gregorian music cause a break and provide a piece of balance between our spiritual part and the busy routine of every day. I would even dare to say, balance between the inner and outer side of ourselves. The unity of word, text, music and liturgy appeals to...”   Continue reading

Mrs. Myriam Van Lerberghe-Thibaut

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