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Our Lady of Langewaede

Author: Mrs. Myriam Van Lerberghe-Thibaut

Once every year our choir sings Gregorian chants at Mass in the Langewaede Chapel. Where does the name Langewaede come from and does anybody know the legend of Our Lady of Langewaede?

According to the legend, the statue of the Holy Virgin was floating on the flooded meadows, and ran aground at Langewaede. Just like it is the case in many Mary statue related legends, this statue was taken back to the church by the parish priest three times, but every time it disappeared and was found again where it had stranded the first time.

The parish priest deduced from these events that Our Lady wanted to be venerated at that place and he had a chapel constructed in honour of Our Lady of Langewaede.

So far for the legend. Fortunately there still exist legends to brighten our daily life.

The chapel was built before AD 1400, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The present chapel date from 1965. The former chapel had to make way for the new road: Ieper (Ypres) - Oostende (Ostend).

Every year Our Lady of Langewaeade is particularly honoured with a nine day novena: from August 15 to 23. The chapel is still being lively visited, throughout the year, but especially during the novena, by parishioners, the faithful and tourists.

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