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Welcome by Mr. Johan Tyberghien, former choirmaster of Cantica


On the impact, why and wherefore of Gregorian music in our present time.

choirmaster Gregorian music is a universal chant, unique of its kind, that we all want to foster because of its historical significance.

It is a musical style that provides a refuge from the strong influence of metrical rhythms of contemporary music. The latter is a product of time that has grown out of a pace that our society experiences almost unconsciously on a daily base.

A capella singing enforces the feeling of peace, simplicity and serenity even more. Gregorian music gives a peculiar sense of belonging to the group. It originated from the most ancient type of traditional music.

Gregorian chant gives to the style of singing an extended freedom and puts emphasis on strong musicality. The strength of the chants is enforced by the subtle accentuation, long melisms, exuberant Alleluias, studied resting points. They confirm the charisma of the musical form. Gregorian chant, when sung accurately, brightly and elegantly, acquires a label of contemporary music.

Gregorian chants demand a contemporary translation. The text and the music should emanate the same character.

The churches, those havens of reflection, where rest and silence are elements of nourishment, constitute a unique framework to carry out Gregorian music.

For all those reasons, it is worth the effort that Gregorian chant should survive in a world where nervousness is prevailing. It is a vitamin treatment and brings balance to the pace of our lifes.

Gregorian chant is in a stream of revaluation. People are looking for spirituality again. Mystisicm attracts and because of that Gregorian music is much sought after once again as a resting point and as contemporary cultural experience.


Mr. Johan Tyberghien has been the choirmaster of Cantica from 1999 until 2015. Descending from a musical family, he was immersed in the world of music since childhood. He is busy as a singer, conductor, organist, choirmaster for more than fifty years.

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