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Funeral liturgy chants

The choir Cantica has sung at about twenty funeral Masses. These are the chants that Cantica can perform at funeral services.

Ordinarium: Kyriale XVIII in feriis Adventus et Quadragesimae et ad Missam pro defunctis

Introit: Requiem aeternam
Kyrie: Kyrie XVIII B ad Missam pro defunctis
Hymn Victimae paschali laudes
Psalm and Hymn at Offertory:
   Ps. L Miserere mei, Deus
   Dies Irae
   Rorate coeli desuper
   Pie Iesu
   Iesu salvator mundi
   Domine Iesu Christe
   Ave Maria... et benedictus
Sanctus: Sanctus XVIII
After consecration: Mysterium fidei
The Lord's Prayer: Pater Noster A
Agnus Dei: Agnus Dei XVIII
During Communion:
   Ubi caritas
   Ave Maria... et benedictus
Communio: Lux aeterna
At bier:
   Ego sum resurrectio
   In paradisum

Gregorian chant and Liturgy

 “Ego, Conradus Kesteloot, saluto vos, lectores et hospites carissimi, praeses Canticae, novo situ interretiali Cantica, choro gregoriano foederationis Houthulst, genito anno domini MIM, pulchritudine...”   Lege cetera - Continue reading Translatio - Translation

Dr. Koen Kesteloot, praeses Canticae

 “Gregorian music is a universal chant, unique of its kind, that we all want to foster because of its historical significance. It is a musical style that provides a refuge from the strong influence of metrical rhythms of contemporary music. The latter is...”   Continue reading

Mr. Johan Tyberghien, former choirmaster

 “Moments of Gregorian music cause a break and provide a piece of balance between our spiritual part and the busy routine of every day. I would even dare to say, balance between the inner and outer side of ourselves. The unity of word, text, music and liturgy appeals to...”   Continue reading

Mrs. Myriam Van Lerberghe-Thibaut

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